Foggy Photo Walk… #netherlands #photography #travel

Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  It has been cold here, but we spent the whole day walking to one of our favourite areas and taking photos of the surrounds.  The weather was so foggy, it seemed nearly impossible to take a bad photo!

IMG_5699I spent a lot of time yesterday experimenting with various raindrop photos.  I am by no means a photographer, but I am happy with how some of these turned out.

IMG_5763 IMG_5773 IMG_5793

The fog lent a mysterious air to our photos and made everything look dreamy and antiquated.

IMG_5722 IMG_5731 IMG_5758As it got darker, and the temperature fell, the fog intensified.

IMG_5777 IMG_5811 IMG_5815 IMG_5819 IMG_5821 IMG_5823

Before it got dark we got some really great shots, almost in sepia tone with a reddish hue.  My only regret is that my lens is dirty and you can see some definite dirt in some of the shots.  Maybe that just makes the shots look older? Haha.

IMG_5849 IMG_5855 IMG_5866 IMG_5875 IMG_5878

I really enjoy these long meandering photo walks and it’s so nice to be able to do these walks in the winter.  I hope you enjoyed some of my photos!



Just two more days left here in Turkey and I can tell there will be things I will miss after I’ve had some time away.  I am very much looking forward to variation and options for vegetarians in the supermarkets as we head back to Holland on Monday, but I am not looking forward to dipping 15c and going to the non stop rain! Still, I’m on holiday and I can’t complain.  The weather is a helluva lot better than Canada!


This beautiful bread recipe was just posted on the My New Roots website and I cannot wait to try it.  Any kind of bread that purports to be healthy and doesn’t contain white flour has got to be good in my books and my time in Europe has me leaning towards this dense brick like breads.

Packing up and Leaving Again: Zen and the Art of the Unconvential Lifestyle…

                   Source: via Jose Ernesto on Pinterest

Well, it’s packing up time again here.  Sorry about the extra small font by the way.  It always does this after I post a Pinterest photo because it’s copying the font of that “source” link above, and I’m not WordPress-savvy-enough to figure out how to fix it.  Just thought I would give a quick update on what’s going on here.  We have less than a week left before we leave the country and it’s snowing like crazy.  10cm due today and more coming tomorrow.  I can’t help but worry a bit that my flight going out could be delayed.  But I guess there is no point in worrying about what I can’t control.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in a few forums before, I’m slightly stressing about the size of my backpack.  I’m dealing with a much smaller bag than I used to travel with and it is the same backpack I took to SE Asia.  Difference being, when I left for SE Asia, I needed SMALL things: tank tops, bathing suits, t-shirts etc.  Now I’m heading into countries experiencing winter and I need all my heavy, winter clothes.  Someone suggested to me just fitting what I can, and buying sweaters second-hand as I need them.  That might be the right idea.  I’m getting very excited to leave, but also very nervous.  I remember being this way before the last trip, so I know it’s normal.  The fear of the unknown.  The indeterminate travel time.  The not really knowing where we will end up.  This is the fun stuff we sign up for and we do it because we love the freedom, but I always need practice embracing the uncertainty.  I’m working on this.  This requires a lot of BREATHING.  A lot of LETTING GO. I’ve spent a lot of time during the past week,  trying to justify to other people my lifestyle choices, which is always annoying because no one can understand why we do the things we do.  We’re mid-thirties, no mortgage, no kids, no assets and everything is in boxes, pretty much.  We’ve spent the better 1/3 of the last ten years abroad and we prefer it that way.  We are happy with the way we live our lives but it makes other people uneasy and makes other people question their choices and makes them get defensive.  I met a perfect stranger on Saturday who gave me the typical, “Must be nice…” when I told her we’ve only been back in the country since May and we’re leaving again.  I immediately reacted, in my mind, defensively, and then I tried to tell myself that she didn’t mean to sound ignorant, but she’s jealous.  To these people, I try to respond in a manner than makes them see my life from a different perspective.  Yes, it is nice.  It is very nice to live my life of relative freedom and to not be tied down to a house or children.  But this came about by a series of choices and sacrifices.  These choices and sacrifices are the same choices and sacrifices and RISK that are out there and available to any person.  I did not come from a wealthy background.  I do not have a lot of money.  I am not “lucky” as some people like to tell me.  I DO NOT have some of the things that you have.  These are some of the things you CHOSE to have.  I CHOSE to have other things.  One day I will CHOOSE to have other or different things.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, or if you know me personally, you will know my life is not stress free, or without worries or challenges as some people seem to think.  Backpacking is not the same as resort travel.  Sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes it’s tiring and there are bedbugs and missed buses and delays and waits.  But I love my choices overall.  I love my husband that I get to share these beautiful and amazing experiences with.  And I am not going to apologize for them.  I am trying to learn to meet criticism with kindness.  To realize that when people criticize my life, it is coming from a place of fear and misunderstanding and a longing they have inside them.  I am working on my compassion.  So I hope I don’t sound too cold.  I understand that some people’s choices may come across to them as accidents, or being pushed in a corner, or that some people feel they may have limited choices in their life.  That’s a conversation for another time I think.  I know what these feelings are.
I have learned, in my limited experience that we are capable of more than we might think and that choices are there that we may not see and that no one is going to make them for you, or rescue you, or help you.  I believe less in luck (although I do believe in chance and opportunity!) and more of making the best of the situations that you have.  This might not mean traveling, but escaping and embracing change in the small ways you can, in your house, with your children.  Starting a home business.  Doing something creative.  Making something, taking a class.  Reading.  Growing something.  We have this latent need to stretch and grow within us.  It’s up to us how we feed that. See y’all in a different time zone.  xo