Vegan Food Swap-September Edition!


Hey there y’all.  Been kinda busy over here.  Sorry for neglecting you! It’s time for my latest and final (for now!) Vegan Food Swap Update.  This month, my package came from Sasha at One Small Vegan!

Here’s what I got:

Thanks Sasha! I’ve eaten almost everything in this photo and I’ve loved it all! 🙂


Vegan Food Swap-August Edition!

Well, due to aforementioned camera issues, I wasn’t able to get a good photo of my vegan food package that came in the mail the other day.  I was very excited to receive a package from Becks McCarthy, of Crunchy Can Feel Good!  

Becks was very sweet and concerned about my Oral Allergy Syndrome since I usually request no raw items, but it’s really not a big deal.  It’s more of an uncomfortable/painful inconvenience, but it’s not life threatening, so far!  Anyway, she sent me such a good mix of things, it’s a shame I can’t show you a photo, so instead I’ll just tell you what was in it:

  • A huge bag of mixed sprout seeds and a cute little mason jar with cheesecloth for sprouting (that unfortunately broke due to Canada Post).  I grow sprouts all the time though, so I have a jar at the ready at all times! 
  • A bag of vegan gummy worms-no gelatin! Yay!
  • Fiesta Coconut Cream
  • Roads End Organics Vegan Alfredo Sauce
  • Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste (it’s like this girl knows me!)
  • A postcard from Victoria
  • Cute little clothespins for sealing up bags etc.

Thank you so much Becks! You and your blog are awesome! If anyone out there wants to join the Canadian Vegan Food Swap, check out this website for more info!

Vegan Food Swap: Canadian Edition!


I recently came across a fun sounding online swap whereby bloggers from Canada exchange packages of vegan food and blog about what they got.  Super excited to join, I contacted MeShell and soon after received my swap partner.  Funny enough, the gal was in the same city as me, so I was able to drop off her package personally to her house! It was fun to go shopping for someone else and I was able to include some of my faves in the vegan/organic department as well as some new to me things that I would like to try!

Anyway, I recommend that you go and check out my swappers blog because it’s way more pro and put together than mine.  She’s not a vegan but neither am I entirely (yet!) and she has a lot of great sounding recipes and awesome food photography goin’ on there…

So once I found out my package was in the mail, I was checking the mailbox every day and I got my package this morning! Check out all the yummy goodness in the photo above.  Included in my package is:

Thanks again to my swapper Kim T from Alberta!  I don’t have her blog address yet, but I’ll be sure to include it once she sends it to me.  This swap is a monthly thing and it’s hard to say how long I’ll be able to stick with it with a stable address, but I hope to do it a few more times yet.  If you’re interested in trying new vegan foods and you have some time and a spare $20 to send someone some goodies, check out the swap info via the link above! 

+++Update: My swappers blog is: Check it out!