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Bunnies 2

Been working on some future items for Etsy.  These little bunnies are hand felted and each, one of a kind.  What do you think?

things i’m loving…

la couverture du magazine N°86, de Marie Claire Idées, automne, septembre-octobre 2011

Marie Claire Idees: Alright, so I can only understand every third word or so, but this magazine is one that I will buy occasionally just for the eye candy.  Beautiful European focused design, crafts and shopping, not to mention the photography-this magazine is just beautiful to look at  (and practice your French :P)

Flourent Chavouet: I came across this guy at the local bookstore (chain, not locally owned).  They had one copy of “Tokyo on Foot” which I did not buy but obsessed over for a couple of weeks until I ordered it on Amazon for half the price.  He does amazing pencil crayon illustrations of Tokyo, particularly crazy accurate depictions of the people and neighbourhoods he obviously spent a lot of time in.  It brought me back to being right in those neighbourhoods and I could spend hours pouring over the details of each page.  I wish I could find some proper images of the inside of the book.  It’s hard to find them of the neighbourhoods themselves, but maybe when it arrives, I’ll scan some to show you.

Koreless: Just discovered this guy-maybe I’m a bit late, but he’s only 19 years old so I guess I’m alright.  Pretty hard to find individual tracks by him online so I’ve been converting them off of YouTube.  Anyway, I’ve been playing the four songs I have by him over and over again.

My new camera! There are cheaper cameras out there, there are more expensive, but for a newbie like me, this camera is challenging enough so that I have a lot to learn but simple enough so that in playing with the Auto settings, I’m guaranteed a perfect photo every time.  I love it.  So why no new photos on my blog? I am waiting for the memory card to come that we ordered online! So far I’ve just been practicing without saving the photos, getting used to the various settings etc.  My next recipe, that hopefully will be posted soon also contains a dismal photo taken by the old, now retired camera.  But it will be one of the last! The travel photos will all be taken by the new camera! Not looking forward to lugging it around everywhere though.  Inside the case, it takes up a considerable amount of space in my daypack.  We’ll be looking to downsize the case once we get to those fantastic Kuala Lumpur night markets.  The one we are using was just kicking around here…yay!

Laundry Soap Sheets TL787Travel laundry soap:  Okay, how cool are these? I just picked these up the other day.  No more travelling with that clunky bar of Sunlight that wore my hands raw last time.  I do send most of my laundry out while travelling but there are always the few things you don’t want to go missing, your unmentionable delicates and odds and ends that you end up doing yourself.  These are so cool and they are even mildly scented!