Can’t stay away from Holland!


Myself and my new friend, the orange seller, in Turkey

Our trip in Turkey has come to an end.  It’s hard to believe we spent 5 weeks there!  I have mixed reviews about Turkey as a travel destination.  There are so many great things about it.  I think what I will take away from it, that I will miss the most, are the kind people we met, the lovely weather and the varied and interesting landscape which was all very new for me! Rocky cliffs, blue water, Roman ruins, orange groves, olive trees-it was all quite beautiful at times.  The negatives were not so horrible in hindsight, but included getting cheated a few times, including some big troubles with one of our chosen accommodations, protest and unrest in Istanbul, getting teargassed, and being not very keen about the lack of vegetarian options for food.  Very happy to say goodbye to white bread and pasta for a while and I have been craving spicy food and tofu.  I am very glad we got to go and experience a country I knew so very little about, before!

After a very long day of travel yesterday we are back in Holland and oh, I love it so! The humidity, the architecture, the food, the people, it really feels like pure luxury being here, back at our old little room.  There are few places in the world that inspire my creativity such as here.  I slept so much last night and I am looking forward to doing some serious chillin’, creating and exploring!  Photos to follow, soon, I’m sure.  In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to check out some of my favourite links this week?

Love Leo Babauta and his website Zen Habits.  Check out this post on: This Moment.

Wanna learn a language or practice one you already know but don’t have time to take classes? is a website I’ve just joined to practice my Japanese.  You can connect with penpals online, help them practice the language you already know and learn too! There are even lesson plans and topics you can discuss and it’s free unless you want to have a gold membership!

Are you familiar with If you visit their courses section, you can see a tonne of courses you can take online, from self improvement to money management to writing and a lot of them are pay what you can!  Check it out.  I am currently taking one, myself.

How are your New Years Resolutions going in terms of fitness? For me, not so good.  As I mentioned before, Turkey threw me for a loop in terms of what was available to eat and often I found myself just eating anything to fill the gap, not particularly enjoying everything I was eating, and making poor choices.  Now after visiting this website, I am doing two monthly fitness challenges.  One is a plank challenge, which has me apparently building up to a 5 minute plank!! Although I have a hard time believing that will ever happen at this point.  And the other is an ab/squat challenge.  This is far more difficult (at least for me) than it looks and I have to say, my legs are pretty much sore all the time.  But I’m slowly building core strength and that can’t be bad! I’m guessing this will take me longer than 30 days as I don’t let myself progress to the next day until I can do the current day with no problem, and travel days/recover from travel days have me a few days behind.  I don’t think this matters too much though as each day I move forward has me slowly getting stronger!

That’s all for now, petals! I am out to explore and see what’s going on out there today.



Just two more days left here in Turkey and I can tell there will be things I will miss after I’ve had some time away.  I am very much looking forward to variation and options for vegetarians in the supermarkets as we head back to Holland on Monday, but I am not looking forward to dipping 15c and going to the non stop rain! Still, I’m on holiday and I can’t complain.  The weather is a helluva lot better than Canada!


This beautiful bread recipe was just posted on the My New Roots website and I cannot wait to try it.  Any kind of bread that purports to be healthy and doesn’t contain white flour has got to be good in my books and my time in Europe has me leaning towards this dense brick like breads.


Rather than a long-winded explanation to explain my absence from blogging, I think it’s easier if I just continue on like it didn’t happen hah! All I can say is that I hope to be more consistent, and make a more concerted effort.  Basically to sum it up quickly (even though I just said I wasn’t going to), it was a mix of laziness, apathy and self-consciousness.  Anyway….So here we are, now, travelling again, in Turkey!