Weekly Windows…


Sounds rather esoteric, no? Weekly windows…but no, it’s just an insight into my cluttered desktop.  I have a bad habit of bookmarking everything and leaving a million windows open on my computer.  Eventually it tells me my computer has no more space and my browser crashes and if I haven’t bookmarked them, I lose the pages forever. I open things that I want to read later, or that I have read and may want to read again later, or that I just can’t, virtually part with yet.  Or just things that people have sent me that have been interesting to me in some way or another.  Is this weird? Once a year or so I have to weed out my bookmarks because they are so unmanageable, I could never find anything even if I wanted to.  It’s kind of like my closet.  If I haven’t worn it in the same season last year, it has to go.  Here is what I have open in my browser this week:

The Broken Lives of FukushimaThis is an article that a friend had posted on Facebook and admittedly, I haven’t had time to read yet.  Obviously my past time in Japan has made this issue rather close to me and I read a lot of news and opinion based articles on this topic.  To be read later. 

Workaway.infoThis is a site that hooks up potential workers with host families around the world.  The site has a membership fee and I suppose it is a lot like WWOOF’ing.  My Mom recently got a membership so I’ve been looking around at the site, getting ideas for things we could do around the world to save on accommodation and food while doing some volunteering.  I would love to do some Reef Conservation work at some point or language exchange abroad.

The Editorial Freelancers Association-This is an organization out of the US that links together Editors and Freelancers from around the world.  I have recently thought about getting more into editing and proofreading, specifically copy editing and proofreading as I have done some of this in the past, and this organization offers formal courses and training online for a reasonable price. I am currently looking into how reputable they are and trying to find out more information from people who have actually taken the courses.  A lot of people that I am reading are suggesting that apart from a related degree, a lot of people are self taught from certain recommended books, so I have downloaded some of these books as well.  There seems to be a lot of freelance work online in this area, depending on where you look.

Cheshire BMDA few years ago, I found out that, or I came to realize that the person I thought was my paternal grandmother was a “step” grandmother and I have never met my “real” Grandmother on my Father’s side.  It turns out that her father was a former MP of Red Deer, Alberta and was born in Cheshire, UK, which opened up the realization for me, that I am a tiny bit British on my Father’s side.  I have recently tracked down a record of his birth certificate which can be purchased online.  Turns out he was buried in Vancouver, not far from where I lived and has been there, unaware of me or me of him for ages, until now.


Craft Passion-Owl Amigurumi-Sorry, but how freaking cute is this owl? I have recently delved into the world of amigurumi, at the request of an aunt who has ordered a toy from me as an Xmas present for a new baby cousin.  This website has lots of good patterns and I’m not sure why I have this open.  It’s just cute, and I like looking at it, okay?

You would think this is enough windows for one person, but no-I have five more open besides the above! Until next time…



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