A Saturday in #Tokyo: Part 1

Yesterday was a busy day…

I started off in Shibuya where I had a private lesson and then I wandered around a bit while I waited for M to meet me.  Shibuya is great.  I love it.  But it gets super crowded on the weekends.  It started to rain after a while, so the crowds weren’t as bad as normal.  Shopping in this area is super, but the only shopping I did was at the 100 yen store!


There are so many amazing sweets at the convenience stores here.  Yes those are take-away macarons!


Daft Punk truck…


This guy is awesome…



Then we walked from Shibuya to Yoyogi Koen for the Earth Day Festival…




This thing was huge…there was no way to cover it all in the bit of time we had and I believe it is every month or so in the Spring and Summer.  It was great…


They freaking love MJ here.  Last weekend we saw a whole store just dedicated to MJ memorabilia and now the Earth Day Festival had a whole tent with MJ impersonators (which we missed) and an MJ choir!


This is a shit photo, but I just wanted to show where we ate lunch. Loving Hut is an international chain of vegetarian restaurants overseen by the religious/spiritual dogma of some weird lady.  I dunno about all that, but their food is great, usually! We had veggie meat skewers and Vegan Ramen! At this point it started to rain harder so we figured we had better leave if we still wanted to get to the Wisteria Festival which was another train ride away.  I should rephrase that to “if *I* still wanted to get to the Wisteria Festival….M was just humouring me and coming along for company.  He was such a trooper in the freezing cold rain when I’m sure he would have done many other things than gone to see some flowers half way across the city.  


The flowers were at a very old shrine first commemorated in the 1600’s.  Some of the trees are said to be around 300 years old.  Despite the rain, the scene was beautiful…











Rainy Sky Tree Tower…this was not yet built when we lived here before.  It’s kind of an eyesore but looks better at night…


A lovely Saturday despite the rain!


2 thoughts on “A Saturday in #Tokyo: Part 1

    • Ya! A nice, relaxing Saturday. Unfortunately, just a bit wet, though. Well, we’ll have to get together if we’re ever in the same country!

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