Expat Tip: Yoyomarket Delivers Costco Stuff to Your Door so You Don’t Have to Carry 100 Pounds of Food on the Local Train

Yay! I love this.

Tokyo Desu

by Mike Oakland


When Costco came to Japan, it was big news for foreigners, especially on learning that Japan locations would stock more or less the exact same things as their American counterparts, which meant expats could finally get their hands on 10 gallons of Chunky Monkey ice cream and a 5 pound bag of Cheetos (to chow down on while watching The Wire on Hulu America, which, being the clever TokyoDesu regular you are, you have region unlocked).

Just one problem: every single Costco location is located as far away as possible from just about everything, meaning you either need a car, taxi (likely to run you a couple hundred bucks), or Chris Redfield arms and comfy walking shoes to transport your 100+ pounds of bulk goods you’re sure to buy.


Yoyomarket saves you the trouble by delivering Costco goods (plus other stuff available on their site) directly…

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