Vegetarian Chicken Salad Sandwiches…


I will start by saying this is not my recipe.  In fact, there are a million recipes for faux “chicken” salad sandwiches on the internet using chickpeas in the place of chicken.  So many in fact, that I cannot find the original blog from which I got *my* recipe.  And then I changed it so it is different anyway. Here is one such example of a lovely blog with a recipe very similar to the one I used. But there are many.  Some use dill.  Some add relish or nutritional yeast.  All fabulous suggestions! But I am in Berlin and I don’t know where to find most of these things yet.  Okay, dill is easy.  Nutritional yeast? Not so much.

Anyway, these are great sandwiches and even kind of taste like chicken in my long distant memory of what that might be like.  (I’m sure chicken eaters would think I am crazy by saying that, but seriously, I’m just not missing any chicken by eating these).  They are delicious and VERY filling.  We took them for a walk yesterday in case of “hangriness” and they came very much in handy!

  • 1 small can chickpeas-(cans are measured differently here.  My can was 125g, whereas back home they are measured in oz.  You do the math.  It’s not the big honkin’ can, it’s the smaller one.
  • 1 stalk celery, sliced thin
  • 1/8th c. chopped red onion
  • 1 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1/8 c. mayonnaise or vegan substitute
  • black pepper

Drain and rinse chickpeas in a colander and put them in a medium-sized bowl.  Mash with the back of a fork until about 80% mashed with 20% of chickpeas still left whole for texture.  Add celery and onion and mix well.  Add mustard and mayo and mix until evenly distributed.  Sprinkle liberally with black pepper and away you go!  Add appropriate sandwich toppings, dairy/non dairy cheese, pickles, at will!

EDIT: I have just been informed by my husband that while these sandwiches are very good, they in no way taste like chicken.  What do I know, it’s been at least fifteen years! I stand corrected!


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