Germany so far…

Loving Germany so far, although I have to say, I don’t think I was fully prepared for the cold weather.  I mean, I packed as many warm clothes as I could, and I figured it would be cold, but I was a bit surprised to already be getting into -8c! I don’t know if I’m feeling it particularly because of my bad circulation, or because I am not acclimatised to cold (having missed out on fall and winter last year) but whoa, momma, it’s a lot to get used to.  It may just turn me into an alcoholic since I spend my time outdoors drinking mini bottles of booze to warm up! Still, I can’t complain because Germany is beautiful! Here are some photos of some of our recent happenings:


From Amsterdam we travelled to Cologne where we spent just two nights.  On the first night we arrived, we quickly went out to get our first taste of the German Xmas markets we’ve been so excited to see.  Cologne had at least four of them and they can usually be found next to the historic buildings of the city.  Groups of friends huddle together and drink Gluhwein under the magical lights and imposing cathedrals.


The next day we headed to the famous Cologne Cathedral to climb the 500 and something steps to the top.  Exhausting but worth the climb. 


From Cologne we travelled to Nuremberg where we spent three nights.  Nuremberg is so beautiful (at least within the old walled city) and we spent a lot of time just walking around and taking photos.  We also spent my 35th birthday here, walking around, going out for a good Thai curry and a traditional Bavarian beer hall.  It was very nice!



On our final day in Nuremberg we travelled 4km outside the city to visit a Museum dedicated to the Nazi Party Rallies that used to happen there.  It was a very creepy feeling to be standing in the place where Hitler gave his Rally speech to thousands of followers.


We then travelled to Berlin where we have rented an apartment for one month.  And that’s where we are now! We are loving Berlin so far and having both been here before, we are looking forward to exploring the city and spending Xmas and New Years here.  Despite the cold, we are getting out and visiting flea markets and Xmas markets and with all the snow here lately, it is looking very Christmassy indeed!


More photos of Berlin soon!


2 thoughts on “Germany so far…

  1. Nice photos. I especially appreciated the thought-provoking contrast between the before & after Nuremburg Museum photos. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks! I think it’s hard to imagine without the contrasting photos. My post is a bit unclear, I realize now. The museum proper is in a building, and this photo is from the Zeppelin Field where the rallies were held.

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