Travel Update…

Okay, so I haven’t been posting much lately…the trip has literally been a whirlwind so far.  In fact, it hasn’t been until the last week that I’ve finally been able to catch up on some sleep and start moving a bit slower.  Not a bad thing, it’s just that so far, we arrived in Amsterdam on the 29th of October, spent three nights there and took a 13 hour or so bus ride to London, where we spent 11 nights.  The three nights in Amsterdam were running around and sightseeing the whole time, sometimes in the pouring rain and then London was just one big, magnificient blur.  We were outside all day from morning till night, exploring huge areas each day and walking almost all day.  It was great.  We decided to cut back on museums and art galleries for London, despite the fact that there are so many wonderful ones, so we could concentrate more on exploring outdoors.  I love me a good museum but you’re pretty much writing off a big chunk of your day once you go inside one.  That and I knew we would have plenty more opportunity to hit some up on the continent.  We did go to the Tate Modern though and that was great, despite my aversion to a lot of modern art. I realized I am more a classic oil painting kind of gal rather than a twisted metal and wood installation kind.  But I digress.  Here is some of what made up our days in London:

  • IMG_3145
  • Beautiful markets and amazing food: We went to a lot of markets.  Spitalfields, Borough, Greenwich, Columbia flower market, Brick Lane, Camden Lock and more.  I think I loved the markets the best out of all the things I saw in London.  For real! The quality of produce and the displays were so beautiful and full of colour.  Some of the markets were more food oriented and others were a bit of everything, locally handmade goods, t-shirts, and shoes.  Best of all is you can get a really filling huge vegetarian lunch at some of them for under 5 pounds! This is unheard of in our farmers markets back home where you will spend at least $10 CAD.  Crowded and chaotic and kind of insane.  Loved the markets.





  • Parks: The parks in London are also fantastic and a good way to take a break from the crazy crowds some other areas might have.  We went to quite a few but highlights included Hamstead Heath and Highgate Cemetery/Wicklow Park.  Both were so beautiful in that classical British way that makes me think of Jane Austen novels!

Without taking all day, I can’t really post photos of all the places I’ve been, but some of the other things we got up to included:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Covent Garden and a Jamie Oliver restaurant
  • Shoreditch pubs and lounges
  • Camden High Street Charity Shops and Camden Lock
  • Oxford Street and Soho
  • Animal Collective at the Roundhouse
  • Jack the Ripper Tour
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Portobello Road and Notting Hill
  • Thames Walking
  • Greenwich and Greenwich Park (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Brixton and a great pizza place with friends
  • lots of pubs, ales and pints of various kinds
  • lots of walking and wandering
  • and more!

Not bad for 10 days.  No wonder we were so tired once we hit Rotterdam.  Which is where we are now! More updates soon, petals!



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