Intro to Autumn and Upcoming Travel Plans…

                                                                                                 Utrecht, Netherlands in the Fall from via Leah on Pinterest

Fall has definitely hit this little Prairie town and it is getting COLD.  I haven’t really given a proper update here as to what all I’ve been up to these days, so I thought I should do that soon as I will soon be leaving the country again!

Of course summer went to fast, as it always does for everyone, but I have to say, fall can be really beautiful here.  There are way more deciduous tress here than my native west coast where everything stays green and the riverbanks are a flood of colour.  The leaves are already falling off the trees big time, though, and I’m sure after this next rain comes, there will be hardly any leaves left.  In fact, we are expecting lows of -7c this week, overnight, which is WAY too cold for me, particularly since we missed last winter and went to SouthEast Asia and it’s been a while since I’ve felt weather that cold!

I feel like I accomplished a lot this summer, although with me, it is never enough.  I’m trying not to focus so much on things I *didn’t* get done and instead think about what I *have* done.  Some highlights include: working on my bike and painting it.  With that came oodles of bike rides around the city which is one of my favourite things in the world to do.  Lots of sewing and crafting (this is where I start to get down on myself-I wanted to do so much more-I had a local store interested in my stuff and I didn’t get enough time to do any local selling or really get my Etsy shop going to the capacity that I wanted).  But I did make a few new patterns and I hope to still get a few more things done before we go.  I’ll make another post here where I show you some of the things I have currently for sale.

I learned basic ukulele which was one of my big summer goals.  I can play a couple of songs and I know a few chords.  I’m not great, but it’s a start!

Saskatchewan Riverbank in the Fall from via Andre on Pinterest

I became TESL certified just last week after taking a 120 course and I am now doing my Teaching Business English certificate.

I worked a lot, both for my in-laws and for a new co-operative cafe operating here in the city.  I’ve met so many great people who are so smart and so talented and for this I am truly grateful.  I got hands on restaurant experience and it gave me a better idea of what I would and would not like should I ever do something like that myself. I also worked a few shifts at a local ice cream shop by the river and I babysat for about three weeks too! Basically just tried to save up money, meet people and stay busy.

We successfully saved up enough money for another trip, despite the soggy wet start to the summer season.  We have a way tighter budget this time and we are going to Europe which is way more expensive than SouthEast Asia but I am super excited.  If there is one thing we know how to do, it’s stretch a budget so I’m sure we’ll be fine.  We are planning for an extended absence this time which means work overseas.  As much as we’d love to stay and work in Europe, I know it’s not very likely.  It’s very competitive and without EU passports, we just aren’t as attractive as a British citizen or someone else that doesn’t require a Work Visa.  Still, it’s not impossible and we’ll give it a try.  Otherwise, we’ll be Asia bound, I’m thinking! Which presents all the dilemmas that the last trip did (see old posts for rantings on this topic).  Once again, we really don’t know what our future holds and this is exciting, scary and fun!

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last little while.  I’ve only been back in the country under five months so for me, if feels like a lot! We are moving into Canadian Thanksgiving and that means lots of good food.  I’ve started cooking now so I won’t be in the way in the kitchen come Sunday.  Some can go in the freezer and some will last in the fridge till the big meal. Veggie Seitan Loaf with Stuffing Inside, Miso Gravy and a Kabocha Tofu Pie.  I still have to whip up a chocolate tofu pie and maybe some cocoa white chocolate cookies! Check out the links for the recipes I used!

Once again, soon my blog will shift to a more travel focused blog and I look forward to sharing my travel photos and discoveries with you! Thanks to my readers for sticking with me through my flakey, erratic postings!



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    • Thank you! I wish I could take credit for it-but I didn’t take it! I’m going to the Netherlands soon though and I’m very excited!

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