A trip to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa…

We went to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa for the day.  I’ve wanted to go for a long time.  It was a very windy, blustery day so the hot water was very welcome!


Through the window photo…harvest time is here…


The water at Manitou Lake is very high.  Apparently there are no fish due to the high salt content.  This house was creepy.


Road washed out…

Typical Canadian Prairie Scene: Grain cars and grain elevators…


Danceland is very old and historic.  It has it’s original horsehair floor…


6 thoughts on “A trip to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa…

    • Thank you! Well, it’s a floor that is, from my understanding, built on horsehair or with horsehair in it somehow. Allegedly this makes it somewhat bouncy so your feet don’t get so tired!

  1. These are so nice. Why do Prairies have to be so flat.
    I recall when the Commodore had a horsehair floor. Made you less tired and bounce when you danced

  2. I got my package!!!! I loved it. Trust me it did not last long. My poor husband only got to try one gummy worm..He’s lucky he even got that..hahaha..
    On another note. Love the pics. That house looks like it was photoshopped into place.

    • Yay! Im so glad you got it already! Im still waiting for mine for this month 😛 Yeah that house was super creepy! Thanks for everything Kim 🙂

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