A trip to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa…

We went to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa for the day.  I’ve wanted to go for a long time.  It was a very windy, blustery day so the hot water was very welcome!


Through the window photo…harvest time is here…


The water at Manitou Lake is very high.  Apparently there are no fish due to the high salt content.  This house was creepy.


Road washed out…

Typical Canadian Prairie Scene: Grain cars and grain elevators…


Danceland is very old and historic.  It has it’s original horsehair floor…


Becks at Crunchy Can Feel Good received my Vegan Food Package! Wishing her the best of luck in what sounds like testing times!


My Foodie Pen Pals and my Vegan Food Swapee.

On August 27th 2012 I began a hurried attempt to move myself, all my stuff, and my two cats out of my apartment and back to the farm to live with my parents, in less than three days.  My life is quite literally in boxes and I can barely find pants, let alone the delicious things my Foodie Pen Pals sent, or my camera which has the pictures of said delicious treats to remind me of who sent me what.

So here is my quick post with a list of as many things as I can remember being sent and links to the wonderful people who made the last few days of my August before it came screeching to a halt a million and twelve times better.

Vegan Food Swap:

Jenn of Diary of a Flâneuse and I were paired up…

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