August Update…

                                                                                                                                                           Source: Uploaded by user via Leslie on Pinterest

I realize that I haven’t really posted any sort of personal update for a while and I guess it’s just because it’s been a little bit difficult to put it all down succinctly, once too much time has passed.  So I will endeavor here to let you all know what I’ve been up to for the past month and what I am aiming for, for the next month or so!

As mentioned before, this hasn’t been quite as successful a summer, money wise as last year.  The bad weather start to the summer means we were rained out on a lot of events that were previously quite busy for us.  But the summer has slowly picked up and the weather is improving (now that summer is almost over!) and we aren’t doing horrible by any means.  I would be lying if I said that this slower progress hasn’t affected my mood or outlook, though.  I have had a lot of discouragement and worry about how much money we are saving and what we are going to do with it once the summer is over.  More on this in a minute…

So, partially because of this slow start, and partially because I always seem to like to have my plate full to the point of brimming, I have taken on a few more odd jobs here and there.  For starters, I have been doing some childcare for a very good friend of mine who is in town for the summer.  She has two little boys (3 months and 2 years) and I have been with them three days a week.  They keep me very busy for the brief amount of time I am there each day, and they are adorable.  It’s been great getting to know their little personalities and I will be missing them when they go back to NYC very soon!

I work the odd day here and there for a locally made ice cream shop, at a beautiful location down by the river.  This is quite a relaxing place to be and not difficult at all.  I’ve met a lot of great girls down there, and the owners are lovely people who I am happy to help.

Finally, I have just begun to work at a brand new cooperatively run cafe.  I am super pumped to be working for a cooperative, and gain experience working in that kind of environment.  It’s also great for me to work for a cafe from its start up point.  I would love to have a cafe and shop one day (if I ever settle down in one place), and it’s so cool to work with people who are like-minded, politically and socially.  Eco-conscious with a focus on local, handmade and vegetarian, this is one cool place! 

So basically what this amounts to is that I am very busy this month.  All creative projects have gone on the back burner and I’m kind of taking a hiatus this month from all my sewing and crafting to make some coin! Which irritates me as I was kind of starting to get on a roll, but I still have some time before we leave to do some more work.  I have spent some time working on a logo and it’s basically done, but my dilemma lies in the fact that once we leave the country again, it’s kind of hard for me to sell on my Etsy shop.  If I sell something, and I am overseas, it’s kind of tricky getting someone else to handle it for me back at home.  

Regarding this overseas business, that is a situation no more clear to us than at the beginning of the summer.  Particularly because it’s too early to tell how our savings will be by the end of the summer.  This is further complicated by the fact that we need to have reserve funds to set up wherever it is we choose to settle down and work next.  At this point I can’t really for see us coming back here again for another summer, but I didn’t see it before this summer either and yet, here I am.  The prospect of teaching English somewhere isn’t the most exciting for me, as I mentioned before, but if it affords a life less ordinary, then maybe that’s something I just have to suck up.  There are far worse jobs.

I do really miss Japan these days…


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