Another Easy Breakfast Idea…


While I am leaning towards abandoning dairy altogether, I still occasionally have cottage cheese (maybe once or twice a month).  This is one of my fave breakfast or snacks: multigrain toast, green onions, pepper and tonnes of homegrown sprouts.  Yummmmmah!


3 thoughts on “Another Easy Breakfast Idea…

  1. That looks so good! Is it due to lactose intolerance, fat content that you may give up dairy? Can someone with that condition still eat yogurt & cottage cheese? or cheese like Brie?

  2. Looks so good! Giving up dairy for fat content or lactose intolerance? or because cows milk is for baby cows? Can a person with an intolerance still have cheeses, clotted cream, yogurt?

    • Well dairy has never really agreed with me and I would never drink a glass of milk or anything but I do like the odd bit of cheese and yoghurt. I’m looking forward to trying some non dairy alternatives for these!

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