Vegan Food Swap: Canadian Edition!


I recently came across a fun sounding online swap whereby bloggers from Canada exchange packages of vegan food and blog about what they got.  Super excited to join, I contacted MeShell and soon after received my swap partner.  Funny enough, the gal was in the same city as me, so I was able to drop off her package personally to her house! It was fun to go shopping for someone else and I was able to include some of my faves in the vegan/organic department as well as some new to me things that I would like to try!

Anyway, I recommend that you go and check out my swappers blog because it’s way more pro and put together than mine.  She’s not a vegan but neither am I entirely (yet!) and she has a lot of great sounding recipes and awesome food photography goin’ on there…

So once I found out my package was in the mail, I was checking the mailbox every day and I got my package this morning! Check out all the yummy goodness in the photo above.  Included in my package is:

Thanks again to my swapper Kim T from Alberta!  I don’t have her blog address yet, but I’ll be sure to include it once she sends it to me.  This swap is a monthly thing and it’s hard to say how long I’ll be able to stick with it with a stable address, but I hope to do it a few more times yet.  If you’re interested in trying new vegan foods and you have some time and a spare $20 to send someone some goodies, check out the swap info via the link above! 

+++Update: My swappers blog is: Check it out!


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