Introducing…Estellana Perfumes!

Hey guys!

I don’t know if I’ll do many product reviews on my blog.  I think it will be a sort of case by case thing, depending on how interested I am in the product.  But I had the opportunity to review perfume, and anyone who knows me knows I am absolutely addicted to anything perfume-y and I’m usually forcing this on the people around me: “Oh my god, smell this, this smells so good!” etc.  I kind of want  to be the kind of gal who has one perfume that I love so much I’ve worn it my whole life, but the problem is I just love so many! So when I had the chance to review perfume for Estellana, of course I jumped at the chance!

Perfume Image

The owner of Estellana, Mia Clarke, runs the company out of England and I couldn’t find a tonne of information about how she chooses her perfumes, but it seems like many are from France.  She also mentions that she began her company because she saw this “niche in the market” that wasn’t being filled and I have to agree.  I’m not sure about England but in Canada, its very easy to find all the top branded American or European perfumes and colognes but if you want something a bit more unique, it’s a bit more difficult.  France has sooo many perfumes we don’t get here and every once in a while, while travelling, I’ll stumble upon a pile of French colognes that I’ve never seen before. 

One thing I liked about the Estellana website is that you can search for perfumes based on scent family, so if you know you like a particular kind of fragrance, it is a bit easier to choose.  The packaging and bottles are gorgeous and I think they would make great gifts.  I was especially lucky because I was allowed to choose what kind of samples I would receive.

Jasmin et Cigarette

The first sample I chose was Jasmin et Cigarette.  Since I am definitely no expert on fragrance composition I will tell you that from the website, I learned that this scent is “a Fresh Dry Woods perfume suitable for females with notes of jasmine absolute, tobacco, hay, apricot, tonka bean, cedar, amber, and musk.”  I love jasmine and tobacco in perfume.  I think it was a Jo Malone or Fresh perfume I had once that had tobacco in it and I was so sad when it was discontinued.  The combination is lovely, although I have to say it’s quite heady and stronger on the jasmine than anything else.  

Nombril Immense

The second sample I chose is called Nombril Immense or “Bellybutton”.  Kinda a weird name but on the site it is described as: “a Classical Woody Oriental female perfume with notes of patchouli, balm of Peru, vetiver, black pepper absolute, opoponax, bergamot, carrot seed, and kernels of ambrette absolute.”  Mostly I chose this sample because I’m a dirty hippy and I’m one of the few that actually likes the smell of patchouli.  I never wear patchouli oil or anything like that, mostly on account of the negative stigma this scent has, but I do like it, if not too strong.  I was also interested in the black pepper and bergamot elements.  This is a powerful scent.  One little dab lasts the whole day and I can’t really say that it reminds me of patchouli too much.  But it’s still nice and would be good for an evening event or something where you want your fragrance to be a bit more powerful.  

The other nice thing I wanted to mention about her site is that you can purchase a sample of the perfume you are interested so you can try it out, before you commit to a whole bottle.  This is nice because a lot of the fragrances are at a higher price point, so you want to make sure it’s what you want before you buy.  However, for me, I can kind of justify the price because they seem to last so long on my skin.  I can honestly say that the Estellana company will most likely have something for everyone, just because there are SO many choices.  Anyway, thank you very much Mia for the opportunity! I looooves me some perfume!


3 thoughts on “Introducing…Estellana Perfumes!

  1. How absolutly wonderful! I hope I get an opportunity to experience thesea and especially the patchouli bergamot blend Mmmmm

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