Photo update…

Hey beautiful readers! We are back in Bangkok for the gazillionth time going through bureaucratic hell as we try to replace M’s expiring passport.  Gotta love doing that stuff while travelling, and it’s our second time doing it! So we are here for now, sorting it all out.  A longer post is imminent as I plan to talk about my 28-day Sharon Salzberg Meditation Challenge! But not now.  The internet cafe is going to close soon…

As promised here are some recent photos from our time in Dalat, Vietnam including pics of aforementioned Crazy House!  Note the beautiful architecture.  Is it Europe? Is it Vietnam? It’s Dalat!!












Check out more at my Flickr account here!


3 thoughts on “Photo update…

  1. My sincere sympathy on the passport issues abroad. I have been living in France for nearly five years and had my passport (all my documents) stolen in Barcelona two years ago. What a nightmare!
    Thailand was interesting but Vietnam will always have a place in my heart. The month I spent there was incredible. Staying with and traveling with a Vietnamese family opens doors that you won’t find in a guide book.
    Enjoy this opportunity.

    • Oh man, that sucks! Luckily his wasn’t stolen, it’s just expiring. Vietnam is fantastic isn’t it! I will always love Thai food more, but the country itself is brilliant!

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