Back in HCMC…

Just a few more days left in Vietnam before we head back to Bangkok.  Hopefully they’ll let us in again! We got back into HCMC late yesterday afternoon after a very long 8 hour bus ride (including rest stops).  How can 300 km’s take 8 hours.  We alternated between going a snail’s pace and matting it down open stretches of divided highway.  Once we got to the city it was just painful how slow we had to go to manoeuver the traffic.  It’s pretty crazy here that way.

Looking forward to going back to Thailand in a few ways because of the food (sorry Vietnam, you’ve got nothing on Thailand there!), because we get to finally go to Chiang Mai, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and because I’m planning on going back to May Kaidee’s cooking school for an advanced lesson on tofu and soymilk making.

I’m actually really excited about that.  It’s more expensive than my original cooking class I took, but it’s a pretty unique opportunity to learn something like that, plus, I would never be able to learn tofu and soymilk making in my own country for that price.  Super pumped!

Not much left to do in HCMC except wander around and do some last-minute shopping, exchange money, do laundry etc. 

We’re also hoping Thailand will have cooled it a bit on the tourists since we’ve been there last a month ago.  It’s March now and that means it’s getting freaking hot.  Like, hotter than usual and winter is pretty much over in most countries where tourists are typically coming from. 

Speaking of March 1st, we’ve just crossed our fourth month of travelling now and what is scarier is that our return ticket takes us back to Canada via Seoul on April 1st, one month from today.  Hard to say what will happen in a month.  Will we change our ticket date and return to Canada but at a later date? Will we go to Japan and brave our uncertainties there in Tokyo or go to Japan but venture further south to Kyushu, thus putting us further away from that nuclear plant? Will we go back home, work for the summer again and then travel to Paris and THEN go to Japan? These are the questions that are driving me insane these past few days.  I really wish I was more relaxed about this thing.  I honestly think that most of the problem is that I berate myself for feeling like I do and not feeling more “go-with-the-flow” about the whole situation.  I stress out and then I get mad at myself for not paying attention to the here and now and stress out about that.  I am seriously ridiculous.  Is this going to come down to a coin toss?

I have been getting some good advice from a few friends actually, assuring me that I am not going mad and that we should just take the leap and go to Japan and stop trying to live our lives for other people. 

It really is a simple yes and no type decision and analyzing it down to minutiae is really pointless when the factors involved do not change.  Do this or do that.  I guess we’ll be figuring that out soon enough.  It makes me grumpy sometimes though.



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