Railay Beach, Thailand

(Journal excerpt)

Apologies right off the bat for the lack of photos and formatting here. I am at some dodgy internet cafe in Thailand and nothing on this computer is working for me. I had prepared a bunch of photos on my memory stick to post here, but alas, it will not work. Hopefully at the next place. What follows below are some journal excerpts from the past few days…

“November 11, 2011-Railay Beach, Thailand-Okay so we flew and it was better and now we are on the beach and it is amazing of course. It has changed a lot since we have been here last. Ao Nang is more built up and there is a freaking Starbucks here now but the place is still beautiful and it is great to be here. We flew into Krabi Airport and hired the bus to take us into Ao Nang. Since it was night we decided to find a hotel in Ao Nang and go to Railay the next day. We went to the guesthouse we stayed in last time we were here, tired and hungry. We took the room almost immediately but it wasnt too long in the room, after dinner that we found a bed bug crawling on top of the blanket (surprising even for us as usually they don’t come out until its dark and you’re in bed-leading us to believe it was quite infested) but there wasnt much we could do about it but get in the bed and have a restless awful sleep as the office was already closed and it’s not like we would get our money back. We had previously contemplated staying in Ao Nang two nights but this solidified our original idea that we might as well move on. In the meantime, M’s electric razor conked out which is exactly what happened to him in Vietnam during our last trip and we still hadn’t learned to buy a voltage convertor..I’m pretty sure he shorted it out. The next day, M riddled with bites (Im okay for bed bug bites, they don’t usually like me but I did get a million flea bites in Bangkok the night before), we packed up and left. After a short boat ride we were back in Railay and it fixed all our problems. We are back at Diamond Cave and after one night in the slightly better 500B room, we moved back to our regular dumpy ghetto room with what might possible be the worst bed I’ve ever slept in, including that which I have found in Malaysia and India! But oh well-you sacrifice a lot when you travel for the natural beauty and beach-insect bites, bad bads and electronics not working properly etc.

The jungle here is amazing here and now that Ive seen a few Apichatpong movies, I cannot look at it the same way. Distant birds calling in the depths you cannot see and the imposing limestone cliffs that absorb everything-what we call common tropical houseplants are massive trees here-today I saw a palm frond the length of a house and the flowers are best of all-frangiapani, orchids and a million other fragrant things I cannot identify. I am in love with frangiapani at the moment. Speaking of flowers, I had a banana and honey pancake here and the honey tasted like jasmine-I think I need to buy some and drag it around with me…more later when I have a table-this is too difficult to write…”


2 thoughts on “Railay Beach, Thailand

  1. it all sounds so idyllic and ilicits memories, especially the fragrances and breathtaking Bird of Paradise blooms at your wedding and the smells of the jungle, I miss it. I’m so glad you are sharing.
    I’m disappointed to hear of the commercialization, I was wondering about that. (
    Bugs, argh….

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