and on to….where?

That’s right kids-we’re going to Bangkok.  Are we crazy? I don’t know, but our ticket was already going there-Korean Air seems to be making no concessions for the flooding and so we are on to Bangkok tonight.  Our last few days in Seoul have been great.  Yesterday I went to a Jimjilbang (Korean spa) which was nice and no comparison to the little one floor one I’ve been going to in Canada.  This was a 6 floor multiplex, complete with arcade, movie theatre, nail bar, concessions, at least 15 different kinds of hot and cold baths (indoor and outdoor) and saunas.  It was a bit confusing the first time and so not *completely* relaxing, but I think if I get a chance to go again, I’ll feel better.  It’s also more fun to go with a friend and since I was missing my jimjilbang partner, it didn’t quite feel right. You can read about the spa I chose here.  

The day before we went to Jogyesa, a beautiful buddhist temple in the city.  I will post photos of this soon, I just don’t have them at hand right now.  The temple was covered with chrysanthemum flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours.  There was chrysanthemum bonsai and even a giant elephant statue made from flowers.  Apparently it is only this certain time of year that these flowers are here and the english speaking help told me that they are considered purifying to the mind to gaze upon.  Inside the main temple are the three buddhas of avalokiteshvara, amitabha and sakyamuni (if I’m not mistaken) and a million lanterns and colours and paintings.  Very different from Japanese austere and dark temples I am more familiar with, this one obviously shows the artistic progression of buddhism from its origins in India, up through Tibet into China and down into Korea.  Several people have told me that this temple is not as beautiful as the one’s here in the countryside or as old, but I thought it was pretty nice! Photos soon…

So ya, back to the Bangkok situation.  I think we will get a better impression of how things are going there once we arrive.  We have no intention of staying there at the moment, but we may need to stay there a day or two.  Our plan is kind of loose at the moment.  We will either go back to the airport the next day, and fly out to Kuala Lumpur, or take the train to Krabi and go to the south of Thailand where we are away from the flooding and have been to several times before.  Then we can explore Bangkok further later on our way up to the north and into Chiang Mai, possibly after we leave Laos.  I am not used to travelling with such a loose plan and it totally goes against my overbearing, controlling nature 🙂 But I think it’s good for me and I’m learning to go with the flow.  Anyway, this is the last of our free internet and hot showers for a while.  Next post will be from…I don’t even know where!


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