View from our friends apartment where we are staying…First snow on the local mountains…time to get outta here!

(journal excerpt): We arrived in Vancouver safe and sound on Monday and have been very busy visiting friends and family since our arrival.  As I expected, time here has flown by and its crazy for me to think that already tomorrow there is a very long plane ride ahead of us (11.5 hours).  We are staying at the apartment of a very generous friend who has opened her home to us.  It’s so great to have a base from which to visit people-assumedly the last “home” we will be staying in for a while…

I am underdressed and cold here because we didn’t want to carry a bunch of heavy winter clothing that we won’t be using in a week or so.   It’s damp and rainy here as usual but with a few clear days which is more than I was expecting.

I was curious to see what my reaction would be to coming back to Vancouver and so far I havent really felt any emotional connection to the city itself.  Maybe I haven’t been gone long enough? I have been appreciative of the opportunity to see its natural beauty with fresher eyes (which is common for me after I leave here for a while) and it’s nice to walk around and see what has changed and what has stayed the same but I can’t say I feel any sense of “this is my home”.  Is that weird? While I can see the familiar as comfortable and simple, I’m glad I am learning that this sense of home and comfort that I may think I need is within me at all times wherever I am and that steadfast unwavering can be accessed when I need it.  “I am here” now and tomorrow I will be “there” but I am always “here” and that’s okay.  Perhaps this comes from moving around so much growing up, but I’m learning to be okay with feeling displaced or maybe I will say “in place”. 

The BKK flooding situation is one that is becoming increasingly an issue as our flight there is currently scheduled for November 4th.  This weekend should be a critical one for Bangkokians as they wait to see if the levees will hold and the highest tides of the month will inundate the city.  We may need to reroute our flight or, if the airport stays open, fly out again from there.  Time will tell.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest


For now, onto Seoul where we look forward to a big city with neon, questing for vegetarian food and seeing an old friend…


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