things i’m loving…

This is our last day here and it’s a mix of emotions.  I am excited to see my friends and family in Vancouver and happy to visit some old haunts while I am there.   I am looking forward to good sushi.  I am excited to go to Korea a few days later.  I am sad to leave my family here.  I am nervous about Bangkok and the state of flooding there and wondering if we will need to either change our flight or fly out again once we get there.  But time will tell.  That situation is changing by the hour and we have just been keeping up with the tweets on the subject as it is the most up to date.  Without a doubt, it is flooding there.  But we have two weeks till our arrival there so who knows what can happen.  Here are a couple of things I’ve stumbled upon in the past few days that have caught my eye:

Ofra Lapid-This guy is crazy! Apparently this guy found a bunch of photos on the internet by an amateur photographer in South Dakota.  The photographer had a series of photos of abandoned decaying buildings.  Ofra Lapid then reconstructed the buildings out of paper and re-photographed them.  Out of paper! Click the link for more amazing images.

I’m a sucker for vintage saucy photos.  No interest whatsoever in similar photos of the modern-day but something intrigues me when I see pornographic photos from back in the day.  It makes me wonder about the individual and her story.  Click here for a series of photos from the Red Light District in New Orleans circa 1912.

I’m sorry? Is this seriously a custom-made macaron knuckleduster ring? Why yes, it is! I want this.  If I had an address to send it to, I would buy it now.  Check out this girls etsy shop for gorgeous eye candy. 


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