Mindfulness and Photography

“This ordinary, workaday world is rich and good.  It might not seem that way at six in the morning when you are rushing to prepare your coffee or tea and get out the door to go to work, or when you are tired and irritated after dinner and have to take out the garbage.  Instead, ordinary life might seem hassled, repetitive, and boring.  When you are impatient, resentful, or uninterested in daily life, you will be blind to the potential for living cheerfully and creatively.

Life seems repetitive and boring when you don’t notice the uniqueness of each moment and the constant, subtle changes that are going on all around you…Even though things seem solid and enduring, nothing really lasts a second moment.  Our experiences are always in the process of disintegrating and transforming.  As photographers we can know this intimately.”

-The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes-Andy Karr & Michael Wood.


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