Weekend Happenings and Changes!

Okay so once again I have fallen behind.  This is a very bad habit, I know but I’ve just been so busy.  As mentioned in the post title, there are a lot of changes going on which I hope to be able to write about here soon, but to give a wee idea, Ms. Flaneuse has decided to hit the road and seek out some new adventures with her M. Big adventures await and I am very excited! However, I have been building up the list of things I want to share here and keeping in mind to bring my camera along when I go out, to share my weekend happenings.  Now we are in the middle of a four day Easter long weekend and it is bliss.  This is our first statutory holiday since New Years Day and I’m pretty sure that was the longest “dry” spell in the Canadian calendar when it comes to long weekends.  On top of it, the weather has been amazing, which makes me happy!

Last weekend we had cooperative weather as well although it has been unusually cold for April still, and hovering around 5-8c.  Last Friday I headed to J’s place to have a sleep over which was great and I got to visit her little muffin to boot which is always good news! I mean god, look at that face:

We all had a good chance to catch up and for J to show me *her* energy ball recipe which allowed me to come to the conclusion that “yes” you need the coconut and “yes” it doesn’t hurt to dip em in chocolate after you pop them in the freezer for a few minutes.  We are both working on perfecting the recipe 🙂 And I am happy to sample any works in progress.  I make my coworkers my guinea pigs as well!

Anyway, the next morning we got up early (a la bebe) and headed to a Japanese Zen temple where they were having a charity “rummage” sale.  I scored a beautiful scarf and a summer dress for 25c each! J got an amazing satin kimono style shirt/dress and I managed to grab some much missed homemade Japanese snacks.  After this, we busted down to Main street to catch the annual Vasakhi parade.  Vasakhi is an Indian festival from the state of Punjab that is celebrated by people of all religions to celebrate the harvest. However, it has special significance to Sikh’s as it corresponds to a special day in the Sikh calendar of which I do not know much about and so won’t pretend.  But I assume, that it is on account of the celebration of harvest and abundance that you can find so many food stalls set up on front lawns, where people give away amazing curry dishes, soda, bags of chips, Indian sweets and much more. Much like last year when I went with M, this year involved a lot of walking and eating and the parade being delayed by 2 hours when we finally gave up having exhausted ourselves.  The crowds in the photo below do no justice to how completely insane this event got.  At one point we had to carry the stoller as it was just too packed to roll it through the crowds.  Everyone was elbows out but miraculously still having a good time.

Crazy loud music blared from speakers everywhere and we just saw the beginning of the parade, which was for some reason frozen in it’s path forever before we finally left.  From there I left J and the babah and headed further down Main street to meet M for Record Store Day at Redcat! We saw a great band, and again was amongst a squishy crowd and after not being able to find the records M came for, we decided to leave. Somehow despite my exhaustion and insane allergies we managed to walk all the way home, a distance I can only estimate at around 10km not including all the walking I had already done at the beginning of the day. A quick Japadog on the way home and I was done!

The next day involved another HUGE walk from our place to Broadway and McDonald to this great produce/import goods store I love and the long walk back. I am unstoppable!

And now here we are at this weekend. We did the seawall yesterday, something which is becoming increasingly effortless the more we exercise, hit the supermarket for supplies for our “Snacky Dinner” and headed home to relax and drink some Caesar’s.  It was the Caesar’s that inspired my next recipe for Spicy Caesar Mussels which I will share with you in my next post.  Hope your spring weekends are filled with relaxation and sunshine!


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