Things I’m loving…

Okay, it’s 6 am and I’ve been awake since 3:30-might as well do another blog post! Here’s what I am loving these days:

Sandra Juto’s blog:

I am a blog junkie and I’m always coming across new blogs from links on different blogs and some of them catch my eye and some of them don’t. Sandra seems to be a Swedish gal living in Berlin (lucky gal!) who has amazing photography and crochet work. I love her and her eye for design and beauty.

Papaya! Art makes beautiful notebooks, water bottles, wall art and things that are sparkly and have lots of nice colours. They also have a blog which I am addicted to.

The sauna: I love the sauna at the pool I go to. It’s just a grotty sauna at the local public pool I go to and it’s clientele often annoys me (seriously, do you need to do push-ups in a sauna?) but I love the feeling I get after I go for a long swim and do some serious sweating in the sauna. I feel all stretchy and relaxed and it’s great in the winter when your bones are chilled or if you have sore muscles.


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