Weekends and Good Friends

The past couple of weekends have been great and have been met with the perfect balance of getting stuff done at home, and hanging out with great friends.  Last weekend we went to our friends L&J’s place for a wonderful potluck style dinner and what was quite possibly the worst movie I have seen in recent memory. Still it was definitely amusing! I just can’t get over that IMDB rating-I obviously don’t get it.  L  made these amazing slow roasted tomatoes that we spread on baguette.  They had been in the oven for over three hours and were sweet and caramelised and I’m so making them soon.  I had no idea I liked tomatoes that much!

The next day I met up with J and we went all over the place-first to the Hindu temple where we tried to muster up some good vibes for her poor sick little muffin baby and then to the Drive where we drank strong Italian coffee and went to a million shops where we had to touch and smell everything! One of the things she stopped and bought was an energy ball for her sick baby who wasn’t eating much.  At 3$ a piece, they aint cheap and we vowed to figure out how to make some.  She emailed me to let me know she had figured it out and made them and they turned out great.  I am still waiting for that recipe-I think she needs to do a guest post!  In the meantime, I decided to make a different version-I don’t think I’ve actually tried the type she bought so I’m not sure what they taste like, but I figured you can’t go wrong if you throw a bunch of great stuff in the food processor! Recipe to follow…


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