Things i am loving:

Okay, I know I’ve already mentioned Betsey Johnson but I actually went out of my way to take a photo of the window display, just for you 😛  And now THIS week, they’ve already changed the display and they have the hugest pink-est frilli-est Tutu Dress and now I think I have to go back and take MORE photos.  That being said, I obviously cannot take a proper photo through a glass window, and I’m sorry.  But I thought I would share:

I am also loving these little oranges that must be in season right now.  They are little and from California and so sweet.  I can eat, like, ten a day.  But I don’t.  I eat five 😛

And finally-this is a little tree that I pass by sometimes on my walk home.  Someone, or maybe several people have painted a door on the tree and made a little magical gnome door.  Note the little gnomes at the bottom of the tree.  This makes me smile:


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