Hello Ms. March!

It’s March-thank god. February is not my favourite month. Dark, cold and unforgiving. I am so tired of sideways rain and dark mornings. Now we are very close to changing our clocks again and that is something to look forward to! Also…spring is trying:

Despite the latest blast of -8c and snow, she persists:

I try to feel blessed for living in a place that has green all year round. One of my favourite times of year is when the cherry blossoms start. It reminds me of Japan and hanami.

I have a cold right now-first in at least two years. I credit my ability to stave them off to a combination of mind-over-matter, exercise and proper diet. Oh and greens smoothies! Yet, I guess they are inevitable, especially when you work with the public. My attempt at staving off the cold has included:

-Vitamin C, B, D, Echinacea, garlic and cod liver oil pills
-Lemon ginger tea
-Zinc lozenges

And when I finally acknowledged that it was here:
-Neo Citran
-Contact c
-More lemon ginger tea

So suffice it to say, I’ve been really reaching to see the positive side of being sick. What I can come up with so far, and what has been making feel better (more than any of the above, actually!) is that when we come down with a mild illness, it allows us the opportunity to slow down, think of ourselves and spend more time with self-care/self-nurture. Hot baths, lovely teas, hot water bottles, extra cream for our sore noses. We can pause to read in bed, order food in, and just take that extra time that we may not always allow ourselves, even though we should! So this is what I am doing!

Anyway, it’s just a mild cold and I’m sure I’ll be fine soon! I will blast it out of my system tonight with a hot and spicy laksa soup-recipe to come soon!


2 thoughts on “Hello Ms. March!

  1. Here’s a cold/sore throat kicker:

    Put in a blender:
    juice of one lime
    juice of one lemon
    I clove of garlic
    throat gagging amount of fresh ginger
    (start with a finger or two and work up from there)

    Drink all day.

    • Wow, that sounds crazy sour! and uh..garlicky? Is it tolerable? Do you need to put honey in it or anything? I’d try it though!! 🙂 Thanks!

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