snowy sunday.

Things i am loving:

-The Betsey Johnson window that i pass on my way to work.  I have yet to be able to afford anything from this store, nor do I currently have anywhere to where a magenta tutu but somehow just walking by the window in the morning and seeing the display makes me happy.  There is just so much crinoline, floral goodness going on in there, and a perfect mix of frilly girly meets hard rock badass.  I’m in love. Oh, and I dare you to look at this polka dot bathing suit and not want it. You are welcome to buy it for me 😛

Weekly inspiration:

This weekend I am full of inspiration-which isn’t always the case with me! I find this time of the year particularly energy sucking, especially when I am living on the West Coast. However, a couple things have been keeping me sane(r) lately:

Chris Guillebeau. Man, this guy is great. I am only about 2/3 of the way through his book “The Art of Non Conformity” but every so often I read something in it that hits me on the head like a tonne of bricks. I particularly like what he has to say regarding his “Principles of Unconventional Living” and his stuff on fear:

“When faced with uncertainty about taking a leap of faith, take the leap. You’ll regret the things you didn’t do much more than anything you did so you might as well try new things.”

You can check some of his stuff out here. But you probably should just buy his book.

Added thoughts:

Last weeks meditation class dealt with the topic of “forgiveness” and some concepts that the teacher outlined really spoke to me: Many of us form negative habits and we keep thinking that our negative emotions and feelings are a result of external circumstances. For example, when we feel anger, it is always THAT person or THAT circumstance which is making us angry-an external force affecting our otherwise clear and logical mind. While we have to remember that our original mind is pure, it gets clouded with delusions which bring on negative actions and behaviour and so too is it the same with other people. No one wants to be angry. Everyone ultimately wants to be happy. But they are perpetuating their own negative states of mind which makes them act how they do. But if we can try to remember when we feel angry at someone, that their happiness is just as important as our own and that they suffer from the same delusions and clouded minds as we do, we might take a moment to think before something comes out of our mouth that we will later wish hadn’t. This is a major “work-in progress” theme for me. I often get angry and later wish I hadn’t said things that I had and I also react to other people’s anger in ways I later wish I hadn’t. So this advice seems sometimes unattainable, but at least something to strive towards.

Let me leave you for now with the song of the moment:


Wow, my very first blog post.  After much obsessing over WordPress themes and thinking about what direction I would like my blog to go in, I think I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to just jump in and start! My intent with this blog is to share with others my thoughts and ideas on making a happy life through meaningful daily observations, life appreciation, food, travel and spirituality.  There are already so many blogs out there set up as one’s personal diary full of rants and negativity.  I think that’s great actually because it helps one to get it out of their system and a lot of people feel better after they write down their negative thoughts and emotions.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not some blissed out hippy who is living in this imaginary la la land where everything is fantastic.  But for me, I want this blog to be a place of pretty things-peaceful and positive-with the hopes that like generates like and to perpetuate the upward spiral as Eoin Finn puts it.  Thank you to all readers and for all comments!